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If your company is like most other companies, then looking for office space is a time consuming process. Not only does the process take away from your core business, it's also a major financial commitment. While the costs associated with office space can significantly affect your company's bottom-line, there are additional intangibles to consider: Employee Satisfaction & Productivity, Corporate Image, and Growth Constraints. Without the right plan in place, there can be costly consequences for your business. Do you have a plan? Simplify the process. Read More

Tenant Representation Services

A company usually only goes through the leasing process every 3 to 5 years, while a landlord goes through the process numerous times during any given year. Because of this experience, the landlord generally has an advantage over the Tenant during the lease process. Do you want to level the playing field for your company? Simplify the process. Read More

MOSatlanta.com's Purpose

MOSatlanta was designed to be a single source reference for companies that need help with their office space requirements. Our goal is to simplify the office leasing process by providing all of the necessary resources through MOSatlanta.

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