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January 8, 2010

Today’s Top Headlines and the Links to their Articles (January 8th, 2010 – Snow Day in Atlanta):

I hope that everyone is enjoying the snow here in Atlanta. Like most Southern Cities, Atlanta pretty much shuts down when their is any sign of snow. Therefore, I am working from home for most of the day because I can’t get out of my driveway…..

- Why it Makes Sense for Companies to Allow Telecommuting - (Reason Number 1 – Snow Days…)  The benefits of teleworking are obvious for employees (and the environment) there are also benefits for the businesses that allow telecommuting.  This blog outlines a few reasons companies are allowing workers to telecommute part of the workweek and how they are making sure that the work gets done.

- Q&A: Google’s Green Energy Czar - As Google’s resident “green energy czar,” Bill Weihl is charged with pursuing the company’s stated goal of making renewable energy, through a mix of internal research and external investments, cheaper than coal. Since 2007, Google has invested more than $45 million toward that end.  This is a very interesting Q&A with Bill.

Lender moves to foreclose on chunk of Allen Plaza - The project’s lender has started foreclosure proceedings on the property, a 1.6-acre tract located on the northern edge of downtown, after the developer, Barry Real Estate, apparently failed to pay on two loans worth a total of $9.5 million.

- Commercial Real Estate in 2010: Weak Fundamentals and Constrained Liquidity - The outlooks for the New Year have begun coming in and a review of year-end forecasts for 2010 show that many commercial real estate industry watchers remain fearful of weak fundamentals and constrained liquidity. Yet, they also reveal some optimism in some sectors, such as homebuilding and lodging.

- 10 Atlanta attractions for 2010 - Here is a link to 10 big items on Atlanta’s 2010 agenda.


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